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India is a country of varied culture. Here culture and climate change in very few kilometers. We believe in living with unity. Here you will find people of different religions & cultures living together. We don’t usually discriminate on the basis of caste. Here we trust people on the basis of their nature and behavior, not their caste.

Despite having a different culture, we Indians have many things in common, which only Indians do. Since we are Indians, we do require some things in common. So here are few things we proudly do as being Indian

1. Checking out the veg and non-veg symbols in every product. Since India has the largest vegetarians in the world, most of them don’t eat non-veg because of their beliefs or other regions. That’s why this symbol is checked every time by us.

2. We Indians go to a wedding for only two things one is food and the other is the dance. So when it comes to dance it is mandatory for Indian baaraatis to do “Naagin Dance”.

3. Cricket is the most loved sport in the country. Cricket is played in almost every place and for stumps, we Indians don’t require anything special, just anything which can be used as a stump. Whether it is a stool or chair, we are ok with everything.

4. In India humans and animals can roam around freely everywhere. You can find stray dogs, cows, etc. roaming freely.

5. We Indians worship the goddess Saraswati as the goddess of wisdom. That’s why Respecting books as goddess Saraswati. We don’t touch a book by our feet, and if we do, we ask apologies from goddess Saraswati.

6. Whenever we buy vegetables asking for extra dhniyaa(coriander) and green chili is our Indian ritual.

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7. Doing kalatika is the ensurity to save kids and good looking people from ill-sights!

8. Reusability flows in our blood, we can reuse almost everything up to any extent just like we use old or torn clothes as ‘pochha’.

9. When it comes to using anything we use it up to its last point. Just like we do with tubes of toothpaste and shampoos.

10. Our mom makes sure to give us dahi-shakkar before leaving for important work.

11. We break a coconut with a car’s wheel whenever going for any auspicious work or driving a car for the first time.

12. We love panipuri, that’s why you can see many panipuri stalls everywhere. We have a ritual of asking for extra puri after finishing our quota of panipuri.

13. Since we Indians believe in god so almost everyone puts a god’s idol or photos in front of the driver seat in their vehicles.

14. And the most Indian one is sleeping in our mother’s lap irrespective of your age. It doesn’t matter how much your parents scold you, all you need is your parents with you in every phase of your life.

That’s different from how we are from the rest of the world. We Indians don’t want to give any explanation to anyone and this is what makes us unique.

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