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How to get famous on Tik Tok Fast in 2020? | Tips and Tricks

TikTok has emerged as a new platform to showcase your talent. TikTok is a social media platform on which people share videos with sounds, filters, and editing. Irrespective of your age TikTok gives you a chance to show your talent to the world.

Many people show their talent in acting, drawing, painting, makeup, dancing, art & craft, cooking, etc. TikTok gives you a chance to turn your hobby into a passion and present it to the world in a unique and free of cost way. 

Here are a few top TikTok famous people of India:

1. Riyaz Aly – 24.2 Million Followers

2. Faisal Shaikh – 22.7 Million Followers

3. Nisha Guragain – 20.7 Million Followers

4. Jannat Zubair – 20.1 Million Followers

5. Arishfa Khan – 19.7 Million Followers


Well, they all haven’t achieved their stardom in a single night they have worked hard to entertain you as best as possible. TikTok is a platform where you have to constantly entertain your audience to grow your network. 

Your fans make you star, not only your talent, so it is important to make sure that you serve genuine and unique content to your audience. It will take time to build trust between your audience and you and once they started trusting in you then you will grow more and more.  

So you have to serve the best content to your audience along with following some tips which will help you to answer your question “how to get famous on TikTok fast?”.


So here is the answer to the most searched question about TikTok which is “how to become TikTok famous?”


1. Create a unique profile

As it is said that the first impression is the last impression. Make a profile that makes you stand out of the crowd. It doesn’t mean that you will post something vulgar. Choose a catchy username. Add something new to your bio. Use a good profile picture.


2. Post consistently

Regularly post your content. It will bring you more viewers and followers. You have to keep patience. 

3. Stick to a theme

Pick a niche and stick to it. Make content based on a particular niche it will help you to get relevant followers. 

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags help you to reach more people. Hashtags help display your video in the search result. The more relevant hashtags you use, the more viewers you will get. 

5. Create genuine content

Create content that doesn’t hurt the beliefs of anyone. Don’t post adult content and never post content in which you are performing something dangerous. Never post anything that hurt the feelings of others. Otherwise, TikTok will suspend your account. 


6. Make quality content

By quality content, we mean to say that your content should be of good quality. Make sure to use a good camera it is not necessary that you will use an expensive phone for TikTok instead of it invest in some TikTok equipment, like lights, microphones, etc. 


7. Make Duets

Make duet with other users also. It helps to increase your reach. Collaborate with other users to gain followers. 


8. Go Live

Connect with your fans on a regular basis. Go live regularly. Reply to their comments and messages. Never disrespect & misbehave with anyone. 


9. Share your profile on other social media handles too

Share your content on youtube, Instagram and other platforms too. It will help you to get more views as it increases your reach. 


10. Follow and like

Also, follow other people and like their video. Others will help you to grow only if you are also showing interest in them. 


11. Participate in challenges

Participating in the challenges sometimes make you more famous, if you have done it right. So always participate in challenges as much as possible.


Follow all these tips and consistently see your account growing.

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