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Social Media's Impact On Relationships


Today is the era of socializing yourself. Everybody is so conscious about their social media profiles. Everyone wants to represent themselves with good status. Social media is creating a paradox effect as it gives an illusion of many choices.

Social media is a ban and a boon for society. People get fascinated by social media. Their expectation increases in the virtual world. They feel jealous of other people. They want to become famous.

Due to people getting engaged in social media more and more, their personal life is getting affected. Their relationships are also facing a few problems due to social media. It is affecting many healthy relationships nowadays.

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Some of the problems social media has created in our relationship can be due to the following reasons.


1. Personalities get switched in the virtual world

The social media allows you to become a different person. People have different personalities in both real life and virtual life. Their attitude, etiquette, etc. change a lot on social media. Everyone wants to show their good side publicly.

2. Stalking

People stalk a lot. Whether they like someone or not they usually stalk other people. Whether they do not accept it but still they do. People get jealous or fascinated by other people so they stalk them. Stalking inturns increase jealousy sometimes! Stalking sometimes makes it hard to move on.

3. Jealousy

Since today is competition is very high in every field so how can social media left behind. Yes, people do feel jealous of other people’s profiles as they do feel in real life.

People feel jealous of their partner texting, tagging or commenting on other people's profiles. They also feel jealous when other people do the same on their partner’s profile.

4. Relationship Official

Some people want to make their relationship official while some don’t. Making your relationship official might be doesn’t like by your partner. This may result in conflict. After making your relationship official other people get to know about this, they can sometimes create problems in your relationship.

5. Surveillance

Surveillance is directly linked to increased physical and psychological aggression. Everyone in your social circle is spying on each other. Everyone is able to have a check on another person. Due to surveillance, a feeling of jealousy is developed which is harmful to a healthy relationship.

6. Alienating others

Sometimes people get engaged with their partner so much that they forgot that they have a friend circle also. Losing your friends is not a good thing. You can end up pushing people away, even when you don’t know about it. So try to maintain a balance of both.

7. Virtual relationships are not real

As we have previously said people have a different personality when it comes to their social media. A healthy relationship should have physical interactions much more than romantics texts and emojis. One should be physically and mentally connected to their partners not virtually.

8. No privacy

Since there is no privacy on social media one can easily know about your relationship if you have made it official. But some feel should be kept private just between you and your loved one. Stop engaging other people in your relationship.


This social world is fascinating. Everyone is fascinated by others. So there is a peer pressure to look good and show your audience good, whether it is about your relationship or you. The people are having constant pressure to represent their healthy relationship in the virtual world whether it is healthy in the real world or not. This will affect your intimate relationship.

10. Past is still there

As social media contains your present and past both. This can include your relationship history as well which can affect your present relationship. Other people might not get affected by this, but some can.

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